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For the sake of everyone in the forum, it is necessary to establish certain operating rules.

1 .- It is recommended that the first message of the user is his/her presentation in the appropriate subforum. If it is not done so, the moderators might ask the new member to act accordingly.

2 .- The moderator, global moderator and administrator represent the authority of the forum, so that any decision taken by them (always in compliance with the rules and the proper operative of the forum) have to be abided by and complied with as soon as possible.

3 .- A post can be edited, deleted or closed (at the administrator's and / or moderator(s)' discretion) when:

- It is offensive to other/s member/s of the forum, or includes insults, humiliating expressions or vulgar terms that might be offensive to the person it is directed to, whether he/she is a forum member or not.
- It contains untrue, malicious or misleading information.
- It is of ​​advertising or commercial nature (except in the "Market" subforum, where it shall comply with the specific rules of that subforum).
- It treats a subject already addressed in other recent posts (it is repetitive).
- It contains messages related to politics, the content of which could lead to arguments or confrontations inappropriate to the purpose of the forum.
- It contains written or graphic messages that encourage violence, racism, pornography and/or piracy.
- It contains addresses or phone numbers of third parties (this information shall be transmitted to the interested person via private message).

4 .- A post will be transferred (at the administrator's and / or moderator(s)' discretion) to the corresponding subforum if it is placed in the wrong one.

5 .- The posts shall always be written in lowercase. Capital letters in a forum are a synonym of SHOUTING. The user should put an effort to follow the spelling and grammar rules as far as possible and avoid writing in a "mobile message style". To give the right tone to a written sentence it is useful and advisable the use of commas and periods, as well as the different "smileys" available in the forum.

6 .- It is also recommended that you use the search tools before you ask something in the forum. Maybe your question was already raised in the forum before, and there are multiple useful answers already posted.

7 .- On behalf of we do not accept any kind of piracy or action that may lead to an illegal act, so it is not allowed to use the name of as a supplement in nicks out of the scope of this website, the user being the only responsible of this use. With "out of the scope of the website" we mean p2p, etc.

These rules might be extended and/or modified by the management team at any time according to the needs of the moment and always in order to ensure the forum works properly.
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